Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It is my birthday! :)

I decided not to do anything for my birthday. I kind of lack in the friend department and we couldn't think of anything entertaining for everyone to do that I could actually participate in. My mom bought me a new dresser and mattress instead. :) The mattress is one of those memory foam ones! I am hoping it will help my joints. With my Christmas/birthday money I bought a record player/CD player/cassette tape player/radio/ipod dock. Later, I am going out to eat at Steak and Shake.

I have been planning to get my permit, but I took a practice test online and bombed it. I'm going to study more and put that on hold for another week or two.

Other than my joints, tummy, and breathing issues I have been doing pretty good.  I did have a POTS episode in Target the other day though.

My Question: Do y'all hyperventilate a lot? 

Miranda's Question: Do you get the hiccups a lot?
Ever since my surgery (nissen fundoplication to prevent reflux) I get the hiccups many times a day. Before that I didn't get the hiccups really.

Hannah's Question: Does anyone feel like they cannot vomit when they are sick? 
This question doesn't really apply to me because I cannot vomit at all because of my surgery. I do dry heave about everyday/every other day though. Oh, and I hope you feel better. Getting a stomach virus is like one of my worst fears because nothing ever wants to go away once I catch a virus and I don't know what it would do to me.

Erin's Question: What are all of you allergic too?
I am sensitive to just about everything lol!!! Soaps, facial scrubs, perfume, random foods, etc. I even try to buy the organic stuff and over half the time I react worse to those than the regular. Medicines are the worst for me. If there is a side effect, I will get it. I tried a SSRI not to long ago and it stopped my stomach again and everything. As soon as I stopped it everything went back to normal. I try to avoid everything that bothers me. And I try to avoid trying to meds as much as possible.

-Cheyanne :)

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