Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I miss McDonalds. :(

I have went gluten free now and it sucks. I have noticed that the past few days I have not been as sick belly wise...with the exception of today. I don't know if the other days were just a coincidence or not. I REALLY miss McDonalds because that is one of the only places that don't make me sick. I know that sounds odd. I only get a hamburger with ketchup only and a small fry though.

I started my geometry honors class this week. My new schedule is different. They have me going in for my one class at a different time every day of the week. My mind does not think the way it used to, especially with numbers, so I am nervous about the class. I seem to understand the teacher though.

We have been looking into Marfan Syndrome because I seem to fit most of the physical criteria. One being that a bone in my chest protrudes out. :( I have heard of some EDS type 3 people having the physical characteristics of Marfan Syndrome, so i guess we will see in February! Does anyone else have this? I doubt it, but I guess it does not hurt to ask.

now on to the questions :)

Do you get abdominal pain?
Yes, all day, most of the day. I always assumed it was from the dysmotility in my intestines.

What do you take for colds?
Aw, I am sorry you caught a cold. :( I hope you get over it soon! I actually am afraid to take anything because I react to most of it.

What do you do for joint pain?
I don't really do anything for that either because none of the meds work and I don't want to go on heavy pain meds. I will put a heating pad on them and wrap them if it gets too bad. I also use a gel called biofreeze.

How do you stop yourself from overdoing it?
I just go until I crash for the day (which does not take much lol) by 3 in the afternoon I'm done for. And no Rhianne, I had no problems with getting my permit. :) I haven't passed out in over a year though, so I think that is why.

My Question: Does being on your period set your POTS off? 


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