Sunday, January 22, 2012

In-jec-tions & Sleep Study

So, you know how I have been taking about receiving b12 injections shortly (for the past month or so) well... I FINALLY started them today. Figuring out how to pay for them and the best approach took awhile, plus I just kind of avoided the thought and wished my levels would just magically improve. Sadly, that never happened (not even with 9months of oral supplements).

If you ever need to receive long term b12 injections, I recommend you look into having someone you know do it for you - If I were to go in to my doctors office, insurance only cover a couple shots PLUS I would have to pay my $25 co-pay every time. Holy buckets, that would be $450 just for the co-pays. I am currently making zero dollars and can barely afford the basics. no thank you. A better solution? My moms best friend is a registered nurse whom I trust with my life and she is administering the shots in my comfort of my own home :) According to her, I should feel improvement in a couple days. I literally can't wait. I am sick of not being able to even stay awake past 8:00ish. I have no energy. Praying this gives me relief and also helps other symptoms!

Added bonus. It wasn't as painful as I expected. I have received a lot of intramuscular injections (such as phenergan and multiple antibiotics) which hurt like a son of gun, but this was deep subcutaneous and wasn't as bad! The bright red liquid looks a little freaky, but other than that, my arm is a little sore, but definitely bearable. Since I am getting them every day, we decided to do arms, thighs, and buttox to give the different areas a rest :)

Tuesday night, I am going to the medical center to have my sleep study done :) That will be interesting and insightful - I also have to stay all day Wednesday for a narcolepsy study. They said to bring a computer or book as I won't be able to leave the room all day and I need to keep myself occupied or I will be bored as heck. If you want to chat or skype Wednesday I would love that!

A lot has happened this week. I have a nasty cold, which sends my POTS symptoms in a downward spiral. I have been doing SO good too. The television has been my life this weekend. Pathetic.

My mom had surgery on Thursday and we are hoping that her organs will be positively affected :) She had a nerve stimulator implanted to increase the functions to her bowel and bladder. (nothing works for her and since we have faulty connective tissue,  her organs fall and she has had multiple prolapses) - prayers would be much appreciated as we are waiting to see if this works! Cathing every day and a colostomy bag is not something she is looking forward to! :/

I hope you all are hanging in there :) Especially those getting your license or permit! Exciting!

::Question Time::

When is your birthday? September 26th  What do you want? things for my future classroom :)

What is your families approach to alcohol? Well, before I was 21, it was looked down upon (obviously) but in general, having a couple drinks socially is totally acceptable. When we get together for family functions, the guys usually have some beers and the women tend to gravitate towards wine coolers or margaritas. I personally have found that alcohol does not have effects on my POTS while I am drinking (and come sometimes give me the feeling of "feeling better") -- a lot of others have claimed this feeling as well, but in no means am I promoting drinking or saying that it is a good treatment. Just pure observation and experience. The next day, however, can be quite difficult if you consume too much as alcohol makes you dehydrated.

Do you eat gluten free? I have tried to limit my consumption of wheat products, but I am not completely gluten-free. Honestly, I am waiting to see a specialist in the Midwest for allergy and immunology (and I know I have food allergies) so I figured just live it up until she makes her recommendations :)

What do you do for joint pain and/or stiffness? I'm not sure if I already answered this question, but it won't hurt to do it again. Typically, I just try to use ice and heat. If I need to I will take ibuprofen, but try not to at all costs. Also, I will use massages; however, sometimes I think that makes my POTS symptoms worse. Does anyone else notice that?

Do you suffer from abdominal pain? Was it diagnosed? I have suffered from stomach conditions since I was seven years old. It was first diagnosed as IBS and then later on found to be lymphocytic colitis. I was on steroids for 4 years and currently am doing much better. (I was really bad then, so I still have stomach issues at least twice or three times a week) I have also had ulcers, rough intestinal lining, eosinophilia, and my gallbladder removed. 

Do you hyperventilate a lot? I can honestly say that I have hyperventilated two times in my life, so no.

Do you procrastinate? YES. but. I always get my work done. I have never not finished a project or an assignment, but I love to wait until the last minute. Truthfully, sometimes I think I really perform better when I wait! I like the stress of if. Weird? I know... 

My Question: What do you all take for colds? I cannot take decongestants or antihistamines, due to my medications - so what do you do when you cold comes on?

If you all don't watch The Bachelor, you should! It's on tomorrow on ABC at 8/7 central! :) It's a stupid, but addicting show that you can't help but love.

Until next Sunday,

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