Monday, January 23, 2012

Almost 200 posts!

Yes guys! Actually this will be the 168th post on the blog but we are getting close right? That is so cool.

So I am going to start with the posts then I will talk about my week, (well type not talk, haha).

Logan: Where are you girl? If you don't post tomorrow I will spam your inbox. Kidding, but I will send you a message and I hope you are okay. I know you were throwing up yesterday.

Cheyenne: You're driving? Wait, aren't you only 15? In Australia, you can't drive until you are 16, when you can apply for your Ls (learners permit) then at seventeen you can get your red ps (red permit), green ps, then your blacks (full license). Did you have any issue getting your permit? My doctors I don't think will ever let me drive.

You asked about gluten, and no I am not gluten free but I try and avoid white rice and bread.

Miranda: I am glad your homeschool review went well. You asked about what we do for joint pain and stiffness. I don't get that so I am not much help. Have you tried yoga though?

Hannah: Australia zoo is one of the zillion reasons you should get your but out to Australia! Haha, come to my house and we can have vegemite and tim tams. Hehe! Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi. I am sorry you overdid it cleaning by the way.

Michelle K: My Aussie Pal! First of all, even though I think you are crazy for going back to work, I hope it goes well for you! And I'm glad you have found someone, he sounds like a nice guy. You asked about abdominal pain and yes I do get that, especially after I eat Chinese food.

Erin: I just want to say that American healthcare sounds CRAZY! 25 dollars a day. I am so glad I'm Aussie. You asked about colds and I suck on eucalyptus lollies and take honey, I also brush my teeth all the time.

My week has been good, I overdid it a bit during the weekend but oh well. My Grandma was here, so I hung out with her a bit. We also went school shopping and I got all my supplies, I even have a new uniform (seniors get a new uniform at my school).

On the weekend, I helped my friend with my drama project (for her HSC) and it was a lot of walking, standing, running. Two of my friends stayed over on Saturday and we watched Music and Lyrics (which is a great film). Sunday night I was so tired I went to sleep at like 7!

This is the last week of school holidays. So my question this week is how do you stop yourself from overdoing it?

At the moment I do a to do list everyday with all the stuff I want to accomplish and stop when I do all those things, even things like "wash your hair" is on the list. I can only put so many tasks on the page. Haha.

I hope everyone has a good week. And I will let you know next week how I am going back at school.

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