Monday, January 9, 2012

Thinking of a cool title

I am going to start with the questions for this week:

What are all of you girl allergic to? Foods, outside and all? Do you avoid EVERYTHING that you are sensitive to or what is your coping mechanism for allergies? Medicine, etc?
I am not allergic to anything really but I find I can't really eat processed foods, soy and corn without my stomach giving me heaps.

Does anyone ever feel like they can't vomit when they are sick?
I have got really bad nausea for weeks when adjusting to new medications (such as beta blocker and my SSRI). I have literally lost 5 kilos in a week or two from not eating due to nausea (for some reason I seem to lose weight really quickly).

What is a fun way to spend a birthday when you are dealing with a chronic illness?
I have only had one birthday since being sick with POTS. I had just been realeased from hospital and was on a new medication. I wasn't eating and jerking all the time so I didn't do anything but I remeber that day I ditched learning support (my doctors wanted me to stay in the special ed building instead of going to regular classes) and hanged out with my friends which was the best thing ever.

My question is: What is your favourite POTS/Dysautonomia youtube video?

I love the song used in this video in the second half. I just brought it on iTunes.

Anyway here is my ramble. I haven't been feeling that good. It sucks! Earlier this week I ran TWO FREAKING Ks on the treadmill, and yesterday I ran like 500m which was so much harder then the run before. I have been blacking out so much in the morning.

I just hope this clears up before I go back to school. I am trying to read an hour every day so I don't have horrible brainfog when I return to school. Right now I am reading a book about Anh Do an Australian Comedian. I am going to read Greg Page's book after I finish that.


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