Friday, December 30, 2011

...And A Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, ours turned out pretty well. I did make a video of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but there are mostly pictures and I'm still in the process of editing it. But until I get that done, here are a few pictures.
That's supposed to be "Peace on Earth"
I'll explain this one in my video.
Christmas morning.

Anyway, for a few days in a row I had been having really bad nightmares, some of them so bad that when I would wake up I was scared to move. But when I pieced together everything, I realized that the dreams were because I was forgetting to take my Luvox (apparently some SSRI's can block dreams). So a word of advice: if you've been on SSRI's for a long time (6 years for me) don't just stop taking them or forget to take them for more than a day or so!!

Other than my nightmares, I've still been having persistent joint pain to plague my day, along with all my POTS symptoms. According to my mom, there is a pediatrician that my nephew sees (and is really good) who is opening a new office soon. I'm hoping to get in to see him, so maybe he'll do something about it. And I'm getting really close to seeing Dr Grubb!! 

Moving onto the question, seeing as Rhianne was the only one to have one.

Rhianne: What did you get for Christmas? What is your New Years Resolution? I got make up, fluffy socks, PJ's, a new comforter/sheet set, shoes, a scent diffuser, a bunch of body sprays/washes and more stuff that I can't remember. I've decided to try to not procrastinate as much, though I'm sure that will only last a week or so. But on a more serious level, I'm going to try to be more outgoing and less awkward.

My question: Do you have any New Years traditions? On New Years Eve my dad always makes Louisiana style boiled shrimp and we all pig out on that, then the whole family plays Monopoly until the ball drops.

Until next year, Miranda.

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