Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Hey guys, it's your monday girl Rhianne who is for once not making a video. Actually I did make a video, and I edited it and everything. It even included me doing a lovely potsy-styled version of rudoplh the red nosed reindeer.

But youtube didn't want to upload it.

Anyway, the only question this week (I think) was from Miranda who asked, do you ever feel like there is a subwoofer (I had to google what that was) instead your chest? Yes. I have had that before. Like, I would have been crawling along the ground and my pulse would be pounding and it felt like I was pregnant and a baby was kicking me from the inside.

AND LOGAN! I am soooo glad that raw food is working it's magic for you.  It's great that you are getting different fruits and veggies through the tube and even getting some stuff through mouth.

I filmed on Christmas day and I will get that up next week, so all you guys can see an aussie christmas.

This week my friend came over and stayed on wednesday and thursday night and on wednesday we went shopping. I also dyed my hair purple.

Friday we made gingerbread men before she went home. Then I chilled and went to the beach and stuff.

Saturday night wasn't that great and I was really worried I was going to be sick on Christmas day. My head was pounding and I felt so nauseaus.

Christmas day I felt good except for extremely purple legs.

I have two questions this weeks:

What did you get for Christmas?
I got a wii fit which is really good and I highly recommend it. I also got an icecream maker, so I can make healthy icecream and sorbets and stuff. Some notebooks and an itunes gift voucher.

And what is your New Years Resolution?
Mine is to get good grades in Year 11 and to be able to run 5k.

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