Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Subbing for Logan

Hey peeps! This is Hannah and I'm subbing for Logan, this Friday is my Friday to post, so I am not going to update on myself. I am going to do my best to update you on Logan. She couldn't post today because she had an out of town follow up appointment. She has been making lots of Youtube videos, so check out her channel by clicking here. I know she was making some degree of progress with her stomach but very slow. Logan, I surely hope you have more progress and faster and get to enjoy the nutrition your body likes!

On to the questions...
Erin: Hey Erin! I had a good Thanksgiving, thank you :) Your question was, Do any of you sew? If so do you have any tips for picking out a good relatively cheap sewing machine? I do sew, very amateur so I really don't have any tips, sorry! That's exciting that you are getting into sewing, I think it's a nice hobby for us sickies to not only have something to do, but since we can't shop sometimes, hey we can just make it right? 

Rhianne: Your questions were, Do you have any brothers or sisters? Yes! I do, I have one brother who is married, and one sister, both are older than me. Do you believe in natural health? Do you mean natural remedy type things? If so, I certainly do! Good food has definitely helped my body. I haven't really been on my normal "diet" for a while, but I am slowly getting back on track.

Today I tried raw cranberries for the first time and ate them with pineapple to balance the tartness. I also topped a salad with crunchy oats for the first time. I like balance, I like my fruit and veggie servings, protein servings, and grain servings and I was trying to find a way to eat a grain with my meal besides gluten free bread since I was having trouble swallowing...Pop corn or rice cakes are usually what I go for but this time I tried oats!

 I also have quite the supplement list, I take a B complex, B-2 for headaches, folic acid and biotin for restless legs, B-1 for numbness in my legs and GI, cranberry supplements for the urinary tract, raspberry leaf supplements for nutrition and relief of menstruation symptoms, Pantothenic acid because it is suppose to soothe the adrenals, probiotic acidophilus for my tummy wummy and a raw multi-vitamin. I occasionally take metimucil which isn't natural as far as I know, but I am also trying to teach myself to take raw fiber without gagging (haha!). I think I'm forgetting some because most of my supplements are a walk away haha. I can't take all my supplements everyday because of issues swallowing and I am still working out dosages because my B complex and multivitamin has some of my other supplements in them and I don't know toxicity levels for everything. 

I also use essential oils for external use with symptoms, but as you can probably tell by my already massive reply, I could go on and on and on about natural remedies! 

Cheyanne: I feel for you girl with your lung issues happening! :(. I'm sorry to hear that your inhaler is causing you symptoms, do you think it's the breathing you have to do to get it into your lungs? Also, totally stinks about the Zoloft, I didn't know it could do all of that. I hope things straighten out ever so quickly! Your question, Have any of you had chest pain like I am describing? I do believe I've had at least something similar, I sometimes get a chest pain that goes straight to my back (or so it feels).  Also, I got your present (I won't name what it is in case someone else hasn't gotten theirs yet) but it is gorgeous, you did such a marvelous job, thank you so much. It is SO good that I thought it was store bought (that is a complete compliment, but it's so much more meaningful knowing you made it!).

By the way, ladies who haven't given their addresses, don't feel left out. We'd be joining you in on the fun too. cause we love you :). If you ever feel comfortable giving your address, do it! It's so fun and makes us feel even more united and just brings an extra smile that day you get something in the mail from someone who knows how you feel :). 

Miranda: You didn't have a question but I feel for you too with how yucky you've been doing. I'm cheering for you girl, keep hanging in there! 

Alright lovely ladies!
Until next time...

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