Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I'm Back!

did you guys miss me? : )

I am feeling so much better its crazy! I was able to replace my feeds with those raw protein/nutrition shakes (mixed with juice for calories.) Then I started mixing them with blended fruits and veggies instead of just the juice! I can't believe how high my feeding tube rate is, and my calories are really high too!
 Just like before a ton of my symptoms have gotten better, I have more energy, more strength, and my skin has cleared up alot too! 
I was able to to 30 minutes of exercise in physical therapy without needing to rest or take a break, and the other day I was able to walk for 45 minutes without getting sick or even getting out of breath! How amazing is that? I can't believe how something as simple as a healthy diet can help so much!
Questions.... Hannah- What is your favorite thing to do around Christmas..... probably spending time with my friends in family, but that's really difficult for me because of my sensitivities.
What is your fav Christmas song... hmmm that changes all the time, this year its between Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Christina Aguilera

And Believe sung by Jackie Evancho. 

Rhianne.... do I believe in natural health?.... Obviously! : )

Cheyanne- I'm so sorry you are going through those ?lung spasms? and that you are reacting badly to the medication! I have had chest pain both from heart problems and indigestion lol.. but I have never gone through something like that.... I'm so sorry!

Do any of you sew?

I do sew all the time but I have no advice on sewing machines!

No questions from me!

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