Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hey ladies! Back to back posts from me! I'm sad not to see everyone else's posts, I hope you guys are okay! Hopefully you are just busy with Christmas things :)

I have been doing okay, I think I figured out somewhat of a pattern with myself; I might be fairly decent for a day or two, then I crash and then it repeats. But! I've finally been able to go Christmas shopping and its been a ton of fun. We only go to a couple stores at a time, and we don't go into the mall. I've enjoyed wheeling myself really fast down the little hills at the shopping center, I went by one window really fast and tried to look at the worker and smile while I was zipping by but she was on the phone lol.

I am still not seeing that big of a difference with my Lexapro, but I'm wondering if I had such a "dramatic" improvement with the Prozac because of the time of the year I started it, maybe the change in weather made more of a difference than I realize and I attributed it to the Prozac. I think I have less than a week yet to finish a full month on 20mg, so I am really curious to see the next suggestion from my general, and what my cardiologist and POTS doctor think, though I think they are really confused with my medication situation haha. all in God's timing my friends! I know you understand!

I finally got some Christmas lights up in my room too and I am so excited. I put colored lights up this year instead of white ones! It's something extra special to have to look at when you're stuck in bed. I am leaving next week to journey to my brother's for our pre-Christmas celebration/Birthday since we won't be together for his birthday or Christmas. And of course we are so excited to see my new little nephew Jude!

I already answered the questions in my sub post, so until next time...

Oh and my question is, what is one of your favorite things to do around Christmas? Mine would be making cookies with my siblings. Last year it was just my mother and I if I'm remembering right so I am looking forward to doing it with my sister. We've got gluten free cookies for me this year :).

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