Thursday, December 1, 2011


I'm feeling really dizzy and nauseous, so this will be a really quick post. I have Coxsackie Virus this time, so there was nothing my doctor could do for it. Until this evening, I hadn't eaten anything solid since Tuesday, which was when I first started showing symptoms. But on the good side I did get an IV (1000 mL) at the doctors today. They did a bedside tilt table (taking my blood pressure, pulse and pulse oxygen at laying, sitting and standing) and that showed that I was pretty dehydrated. I'll move onto the questions because I don't think I'm making any sense.

Cheyanne's Question: Have any of you ever had that chest pain that I am describing? Yes, it sounds like an asthma attack. You should ask about being put on a Xopenex inhaler, as it doesn't make you get the symptoms of the regular inhalers.

Hannah's Question: What is your favorite Christmas song? I'd have to say Carol of the Bells. My school choir does a pretty awesome arrangement but here is the closest one I could find to ours, although we do ours a capella. We're also singing Breath of Heaven this year : )

Michelle R's Question: What do you want for Christmas this year? I want a new camera!! And stuff to decorate my room with.

Rhianne's Question: Do you guys have brothers and sisters? Yes, I have two older half sisters and a little sister.

Erin's Question: Do any of you sew? If so do you have any tips for picking out a good (but relatively cheap) machine? I do sew, but I prefer by hand. I'd rather not sew my fingers together on my mom's machine :) You could probably try Amazon or eBay for a good deal.

Until next week, Miranda.

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