Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! :)

Mine was pretty good even though I was sick on Christmas Eve and on Christmas. When the whole family is all crammed in one area of the house it gets awfully loud and I had off and on headaches the whole time. Plus, my stomach was not cooperating and I pretty much just ate rolls and a few bites of veggies the whole night. On Christmas Eve morning my blood pressure was 172/152, but other than that my heart symptoms have been very manageable. Somehow I have hurt my hip or something. I guess sleeping again...the same way I hurt my arm. I'm so hypermobile that I sleep in the funkiest ways.

My mom picked up a stationary bike from my friend, so I have been exercising a bit. I can go fast for 3 minutes straight. I tried 5, but that did not go well. :)

I got a new kitten for Christmas. I named her Cara. She is a handful, but I love her!

All of today I have been having sensitivity headaches that last for 30 seconds to a minute and go away. I think it is probably because I watched TV as soon as I got up. Some TV shows/movies I cannot handle because they are so bright. 

Miranda: Do you ever feel like there is a subwoofer in your body?
Yes, I do get that feeling.
Oh my goodness, I am so sorry about the fire. I bet that was scary!

Rhianne: What did you get for Christmas? What is your New Years Resolution?
I got an iPod and a kitten from my parents, some clothes from my aunts/uncles, and gift cards/money. :) I haven't thought about my New Years Resolution actually. I guess it is probably to exercise more. 

Logan: I am glad the raw diet is working for you. I think I may just give it a try. :) Also, I get the same way about movies. I usually get tremors and everything while watching TV/movies because my tremors are caused by anxiety most of the time. I am so anxious the whole time and I have no idea why I get like that. 

Have a good week everyone! 
God bless,

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