Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Twice in One Week!

Hey guys, it's Hannah again! Logan asked me to post for her.
I don't have a whole lot to fill you guys in on since friday, but; I do know a small update on Logan. I know that she's having bad stomach pains, but she got bigger tubes! If you want to read her most recent update, click here.

Last night, I had a yucky POTS episode. I tried to sleep for like an hour and a half and I do believe I dosed off a couple of times, but I finally decided to turn my TV and my arms and legs went numb but at the same time were in pain. My respitory felt funny and it felt like it took so much energy to even move. I also had some minor tremors. I had to call and get my poor mom up to bring me water. I was afraid to go to sleep, too because I felt like my body was just going to suddenly become paralyzed (I'm sure you guys know that feeling), but I'm a little bit better today.

Erin, I am glad you found a possible source for your fatigue, but I do hope that does not mean crazy changes with medications, that is never fun. Also, I prayed and will pray about the lab results <3 , I am sure everything will be okay, but I certainly understand the anxiousness and anticipation that comes with waiting on test results <3.

Rhianne,  The Logei (funny, because we call Logan, Logei!) award was so incredibly sweet, thank you so much my amazing friend. You would get the "Amazing sense of humor" one, because you can always make anybody smile. You always seem to go out of your way to make people smile :). I also love the one you gave miss Logei bear! That is certainly true and fitting for her, she certainly does hang on and is definitely an inspiration. Love ya Logan!
You also keep on enjoying your holidays :).

Your question- If you could spend a day with someone throughout history who would it be? Probably Ben Franklin ('Ol Benny!). We did English class projects on him when I was in the 11th? grade, or maybe it was this past year and I just forgot, but I'm curious as to what his philosphy and beliefs really were, I'd love to sit down and have a chat with him about it.

My question: Has anyone tried D-ribose? What's your opinion on if you have?

Supposedly it's helped some POTSies get up out of bed, and they use it in  CFS and Fibro patients, also in heart disease patients with their exercise intolerance, however it can cause low blood sugar and there is not enough information on it to know if it is safe for long-term use. I was contemplating rather or not I wanted to try it and I wanted to see what my lovely Dysautonomias thought.

Alright ladies, have a wonderful rest of the week- and I am sure Logei will be back next Tuesday.

Toodles! :).


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