Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Going to see a geneticist.

I have to go see a geneticist about EDS. I really think that is the cause of everything. It makes perfect sense. My pediatrician noticed it a year ago and started asking my mom all these questions. We never looked into it because that wasn't what we wanted to hear at the time because there is no cure. Now that we have researched and know what EDS even is, it sounds like me. If this just so happens to be it then I am going to be disappointed that we didn't check this out a year ago. It would have saved us a lot of time and money. I guess we will see though. My brain is out of commission right now so I cannot really remember much to say. I did find this gel called biofreeze that you rub where ever you are having pain and it works wonders! yesterday I went to physical therapy. I didn't do much. They just kind of evaluated me. Next Tuesday I go again and I will be in the pool...probably with a bunch of old people. Ha! :)

I have been thinking about taking another class at school next semester. Honestly, I don't necessarily want to, but I am hoping it will help me feel a bit better. I know taking one class did. Not sitting at home everyday all day feeling miserable and sorry for myself was not doing me a bit of good. The one class a day has not helped much with the social aspect of it all because I am still not there long enough and I never know what is going on because of that. I thought all my old "friends" would start talking to me again once I was back, but that didn't happen. The whole thing has made me feel better in a way. It makes me feel like I am accomplishing something. I just cannot decide another class to take. I'm thinking AP bio or English 2 along with geometry.
I have improved in some ways and I am grateful!

Erin's Question: Are any of you on mestinon?
I just started taking it today. So far I haven't noticed any weird side effects from it...which is good for me. Hopefully it will help!

My Question: Does your heart rate go all over the place? My heart rate will be normal standing up one minute and then really high the next. The other night my pulse was 171. I was diagnosed with mild POTS because every time I go do the tilt table test my heart rate is only around 115. I think my heart is confused or trying to fix itself because it is sometimes normal and then a few hours later it isn't. 

God bless! I hope y'all get to feeling better.

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