Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Trip to the health foods store!

On the way back from the GI doctor my mom and I stopped by Whole Foods. Going in there was overwhelming!! Ha! There was so much food in there. What I found neat was that I bought a raw, gluten and dairy free, apple cinnamon bar. I usually eat the kashi kind that isn't any of those things and they make me sick every single time. Well, the bar I got today didn't!!  I am wondering what in the other one makes me so sick. I am almost considering going on a raw diet because of how well it went.

When i went to see the autonomic specialists in Ohio they officially diagnosed my with fibromyalgia, migraines, and joint hyper mobility. They told me that I need to go to physical therapy. They put my on Mestinon and Periactin. The Periactin made me extremely dizzy. Of course, if there is a side effect I am going to get it. I'm excited for physical therapy though. :)

Michelle's Question: Does anyone have problems with their tailbone?
Yes, mine hurts quite frequently.

Michelle K's Question: Do you ahve any interest in medical TV shows?
Not really, I don't watch TV much because my light sensitivity tends to act up while watching tv and movies.

 Logan's Question: If you could participate at any sport despite your dysautonomia, what would it be?
Softball. I used to play before I got all my heart symptoms. I would have to run off the field to go to the bathroom when I was having diarrhea every day. It got to the point where I would starve myself all day beforehand so I wouldn't have to run off the field during the game. I wanted to get a scholarship from it.

My Question: Do any of you get excessive amounts of phlegm immediately after eating?
I keep getting that and when it happens I get this lump in my throat! It is so irritating so I keep swallowing an abnormal amount of times. Then, I get a pressure in my throat and it feels like my throat is "weak." It goes away about 30 minutes after eating something. It is the craziest thing.

I hope y'all have a good week!

God bless,

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