Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Logeis

So I am hosting the Logeis today. They are called the Logeis because in Australia there is an award ceremony called the Logies, (like our golden globes).

I got bored so I made you all awards on Picnik.

The award for the person who has way to much brains  for Miranda.

The one who will always help you out. This one for Hannah

The one who just a tad crazy and a lot of fun. For Francessca

The one for someone who "keeps calm and carries on" in hard times. For Logan.

For Erin who seems to be full of life and is an amazing blogger 

For Cheyanne for her pretty smile and attitude
How can I forget our subs? 
So how am I? I am good. I am on school holidays now which is GREAT! :) I am so happy about that. I went to Sydney for the first few days and had a balance appt which went great and I know that I overbalance now and an appt with my general doctors. 

I also went to a sleepover and had fun with my friends. Hung out with my cousin James a lot too but he went home today. 

Not much else to say really. I think I will just ask my question: 

If you could spend a day with someone throughout history who whould it be? 
I am going Shakespeare! :)

Love all, Rhianne 

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