Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thanks Guys!

It was awesome to here encouraging words from you guys!  And thanks so much for the logei award Rhianne!

My week has been pretty horrible, GI has been worse than usual, having diarrhea daily and much more pain and nausea than normal. Later this week though we are going to try a medicine that might help with sensitivity.  There is also a big a chance I will be allergic to it, but its worth a shot right??? I'm so excited to try it, I really hope it helps!!

I'm really tired, so onto questions.

Rhianne – If you could spend a day with anyone in History who would It be? I'm not sure.

 Hannah, you asked about D-Ribose.  My mom wanted me to try it, but I never did, I can't offer any advice.. sorry.  : /

Michelle R – does anyone have problems with their tailbone?

I have a lot of joint pain, including in like my tail bone area and my back sometimes. I am determined to try to sleep on a pilates mat on the floor for a while to see if it helps. My back usually feels better after sleeping flat on my back on a more firm surface, but I tried that last night and I couldn't sleep at all. Its so hard to change sleeping habits!
Cheyanne .....eye problems? Did i answer this already? Brain fog O.o Yes I have eye problems, they can happen randomly, but most of the time they happen when I have sensory overload or get headaches and migraines.

Michelle k –  Are you interested in medical dramas?  Yes, I love Grey's Anatomy and ER, but of course like most shows they have their problems with sleeping around and inappropriate content.

My question - If you could be good at or participate in any sport despite your Dysautonomia, what would it be??  Its a tough one for me, I used to horseback ride along time ago, cross country jumping was my favorite:

I also love the water, if I had any chance to swim I took it. You could not keep me out of a pool! I really miss swimming.
Jesus loves you! - Till next week.

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