Sunday, October 23, 2011


I find it so interesting that a lot of us share skin problems, particularly KP. I really think there is an EDS correlation. What do I know though... thoughts?

I am so sorry you all are struggling with stupid skin as well. Like my word choice there? haha

I have never met anyone who has had it like me, so in a way, it is kind of nice that I can share my frustrations that I may have sometimes with you all (as you can TRULY understand). I know it seems like such a little thing that you shouldn't complain about (I get told that all the time), but it really affects my life - more than anyone would ever know.

Okay, well enough about that!

First, I love your advice Logan about raw food diet. I think I might slowly give that a try. It is hard for me to eat large meals, so I usually snack throughout the day! If I have questions, you will definitely be my go to girl. Also, I am so sorry to hear that your stomach hasn't improved :/ And heck, if you found something that you can eat, even though it's vegan broth, boy you go girl :) haha, I love your attitude!

Second, Rhianne keep your head up girl. We can share what works/what doesn't with our skin! I have tried SO much stuff and invested a lot of money on different products/remedies/etc... 

Third, Cheyanne, it's wonderful that your doing well! I will pray that you won't need surgery and everything works out for you. Also, that the Lyme test is negative! I couldn't be more excited about the Fall weather as well. SO much easier to breathe - although, my heart rate has been higher than normal? Kinda weird?

Fourth, Miranda sounds like you have a BUSY week! I hope it was enjoyable :) Don't you just hate the rain and how icky it makes you feel?! I hope things start to improve and the rain goes away!

Next, on to the questions!

Rhianne: How do you cope when you are angry or stressed? Actually, this is an interesting question. I feel as though I have become more and more irritated with the small things lately and I get easily frustrated/annoyed. I think it has to do with POTS/brain fog/etc... I feel bad that I snap easily and just don't quite understand where it is coming from sometimes. My number one stress reliever is music! I love my music and it's the one thing that gets my through hard times. I would recommend Jill Palmer's instrumental music. Very soothing :)

I think you were the only one who asked a new question!

My Question: Are any of you on mestinon? I think it has been helping me a great deal but I am curious if any one else has tried it...

Tomorrow starts a new week!Take care everyone :)

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