Monday, October 24, 2011

It is Tonya again!

So guys I am back, I got aa contact about a half hour or so ago, asking me to sub so here I am. I have gone through the posts best I could in the last half hour, I read them and been writing down my answers to questions before posting. I unfortyuunately can';t read what Iworte do to my EDS hands lol. All well, anyway, I have been doing a little better I guess, I am working hard with home pt and ot and improving little by little and have an ortho appt. comoing up to evaluate my need for braces, pt and ot both say I need them on me knees, ankles and most likely back and elbows, I alreadyw ear wrist ones, but they are old so need new ones, but I also need to be rechecked for the angle deformities in both elbows, I was apparently supposed to see a peditric neurosurgeon at 12 and at 19 now never saw one, so not good, I also am finding  new GP and a specialist for one of my meds and then I need to see cardio. My computrer screne smashed this weekend so using a desktop in the living room, I am hopefully goingt o get another computer at some point somehow, I have no income, but I have a giftcard and Mom may pay for the rest since we didn't do anything for my B-DAY and whatever, things ar crazy at my house still. I have PT tomorrow, OT Wednesday, PT Thursday and OT again Friday, OT is getting me a reacher and trying to get a rollator to replace my walker and trying to get a shower chair as well andsome other stuff, but no money makes it hard. I am hoping to be able to hand out Halloween candy this Halloween and was supposed to have a friend and her boyfriend over to carve pumpkins, have dinner and watch a movie, but she said yes then didn't come, so dissapointed about that, but all well. I am doing better in some ways and others not, but am very thankful for the support of a couple people I met online in a forum and thanks to them I am working on some stuff and getting through my days and then many others are helping me too, just not as close. Okay my hands and arms are hurting a lot, so here are the questions. Is anyone on Mestonin? I am not on mestinon and have never been. I do know many potsies on the forums on facebook who are tho. If you cpould spend the day with anyone throughout history , for a day who would it be? That is a very difficult question, I wouild want to spend the day with differnet people Idont know I do';t really have one particular poperson, unless God could come spend the day with me, but have me still be alive, I would think maybe some people from different time periods, like native Americans from the 1400s and people in women's history, or Martin Luther King, Ghandi, um um i DON'T KNOW IF i HAD MORE TIME i WOULD HAVE A BETTER DIFINITIVE ANSWER FOR YOU, PLUS THERE ARE JUST SO MANY GOOD PEOPLE i DON'T THINK i COULD EVER PICK JUST ONE WITH MY DECISION MAKING, i HAVE ocd AND ALWAYS WANT TO MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE LOL. Have you tried D-Ribose? No I have not, was going to, but don't have money to., I heard it helps a great deal for potsies, chronic fatigue and more. Any eye issues related to POTS? Yes I do, I have blurry and doube vision that started wih POTS, but the docs think EDS has caused me eye trouble and want an exam done, I also have general trouble seeing and reading stuff, most likely EDS related.  Do  you have tailone trouble? yes I do, I injured it in a sledding accident and alwasy attributed it to that and EDS, I have a lot of pain and have trouble sitting sometimes and standing or laying certain ways because of  it etc, it is annoying. Do you have overly sensitive skin? Yes I do, I have had excezma my whole life and also have these weird flushing type things and things that appear to be allergic reactions out of nowhere, thinking I have mcad, benydryl helps some as well as topical cream, sometimes corizone or various others. How do you deal with anger and stress? I talk it oput with the couple people online whom I trust, I cry, I do art stuff if I can and read if I can, go on the computer and do random stuff and I liek to try to find soemthing silly and mindless to laugh at. All right glad to have subbed again, I hope you guys have a good week and I hope to do this again, sorry if this was not great, the caps locks was accident back there, but too hurting to fix it, sorryI am having arm and hand issues as I said. HUGS TO ALL! Sincerly, Tonya

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