Sunday, October 16, 2011

Is it break, yet?

Hi girls!
I'm sorry I didn't post last Sunday.
I had to miss some student teaching as I wasn't feeling all that great.

It sounds like everyone just isn't doing to well lately :/ I hate hearing news like that and I wish you all the best and will keep you in my prayers. I hope more good days come your way and that you at least get a little "break"... hang in there! You all are SO STRONG <3

GOOD NEWS: I got a call back from my geneticist who confirmed that I do not have VEDS (Vascular EDS),  but I do still have EDS Type III. She said that she will continue to call me every 6months to check in, as all forms of EDS can have severe/fatal symptoms. They are so nice, I couldn't have asked for such better specialists.

My EDS pain has just been taking a toll on me. I am popping and cracking more than usual and back/hip/shoulder pain is getting really old :/ I just feel like an old lady really, like everything is starting to fall apart and I just hate to "complain", so sorry that I am letting out a little via our blog :) I know you all understand!

Anyways- I had to run to my moms to do this post as my computer is broken :/
So on to the questions!

Do you have any interest in medical shows? YES! I have actually always loved medical shows. It first started with the show ER and has just progressed since then. Some of my favorite include Dr. G: Medical Examiner - Greys Anatomy (not really "real" but still) - I even love Dr. 90210 and watching them do plastic surgery. I really love it all! **weird, maybe!** ha

If you could be good at or participate in any sport despite your dysautonomia, what would it be? I agree with Hannah. It would definitely be volleyball. I used to play and I did club volleyball, so I was always on the go and traveling. I think coached grade school volleyball for four years. It is one sport that has my heart and I wish I could still play. I miss even the intramurals that I used to do :/ It can be hard to watch your friends participate in activities that you love, but just can't seem to do...

Do you get excessive amounts of phlegm? YES! Why is that? I have ALWAYS noticed this, especially with milk products. Also - I always seem to have a soar through. Not like the scratchy kind, but like it's inflamed, swollen, hurts to swallow and super sensitive. Does anyone else experience this?

Do you have fibro or lyme? I do not. I was tested for Lyme disease and it came back negative. As for fibro, I think it could be a definite possibility. I seem to fit a lot of the symptoms, but sadly, most doctors that I have been to in the past have not recognized it as a "true problem". I by NO MEANS agree with that statement what-so-ever! I know of people who have both of these awful conditions and I pray that more awareness is brought about!

My Question: Do any of you all have any skin conditions or even overly sensitive skin? (I think some of it may be due to my EDS, but I can't even use face scrubs, not even the organic/all natural/paraben/dye free kind!) I get red all over and I always get extremely irritated. I also have a very embarrassing condition known as Keratosis Pilaris that I hate SO much and have struggled with. Just wondering if any of you struggle with this type of thing as well...

There WILL be a ray of sunshine at the end of the tunnel sooner or later :)
Take care ladies!

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