Friday, October 7, 2011

It's Michelle again :3

Hey guise it's Michelle (R) posting this week :)

Soooo school has been a killer on my body, and I've been having new symptoms every day almost, mostly pain. I recently went to my neurologist and she thinks I should see a integrative pain therapist and she also recommended that I see a Dysautonomia specialist, in Dallas. And of course my parents don't want to take me to Dallas to see this specialist. This completely ticks me off. :(

But whatever, here's me recently

I look cute
So onto questions yeah?
My Question:
Does anyone have problems with their tailbone?
Rhianne's Question: If you could spend the day with someone throughout history who would it be?
Eugene B. Sledge. He was an amazing person who took on the evils of War at a very young age and I would love to learn more about his struggles with PTSD and probably fall in love with him. He was quite dapper :3 <3
Cheyanne's: Do any of you all have eye issues that are POTS related?
I can't say I do. I have bad eyesight already and I just assume that anything eye related is fairly normal.
Hannah's Question: Has anyone tried D-ribose? What's your opinion on if you have? 
I can't say that I have, Sorry!

Hope to hear from y'all soon. <3
Take care!
til the end,

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