Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Oy.  I feel horrible guys, I really do.  But at least I have noticed a little improvement in my sensitivity! The medicine seems to be helping a little, and although sound, lights, colors ect still hurt, it seems to take longer for it all to make me sick. 
My stomach has not improved a single bit over the last week, but I found a treat maybe I can have that doesn't bother me.  Its a type vegan broth, and its really good!  yeah I know I know I'm pathetic.... BITE ME.


hey if you want to try the raw food diet go right ahead, it really helped me, even on just a liquid diet!

Your question about phlegm...  Um I have no idea what a normal amount is lol. But I sure do get plenty! It is so irritating.

Hannah- no I don't have fibro

Hello Tonya, welcome! I hope to hear from you more often, I am so sorry to hear about what you are going through, but I want you to know you are in my prayers!

Erin, I am sorry to hear you feel like an old lady, lol I know I don't have it like you do, but I have had an unusual amount of joint pain lately, and I have begun to wrap up my joints again from time to time. It really seems to help alot.

Rhianne... I miss running so much! I feel ya, and I understand the embarrassment of skin problems... I've had ache for a very long time, and I never knew until recently that my diet was the biggest factor in my skin problems!

How do you cope when you are angry or stressed. JESUS!!!!! (although I admit, sometimes I forget to turn to Him when I need to, and then I end up taking out my feelings on other people.) 

Ttyl. Logan

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