Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sorry, late post.

I really did not feel like posting yesterday. Today has been an unusually good day. Fall weather has came finally! I walked three quarters of a mile with my mom. I've been working on getting something to send to everyone who gave their address out. Oh, and I got my braces off. :)

Other than that I have just been studying for mid terms and going to doctors. I see my primary care doctor tomorrow. They are seeing about putting me on Zoloft and discussing the stone in my appendix. It may have to be removed. We are going to get some sonograms done and see. As of right now it is not bothering me. Let's pray it doesn't start because I cannot afford another surgery. Last time I had a surgery I got ten times worse that I was prior to that.

Hannah's Question: Does anyone have fibromyalgia or Lyme and if so any advice..? 
I have fibro as you already know. I am getting tested for Lyme in a couple days. :) And thank you, I am not very good at eating. I eat the same things nearly everyday and I have been trying to change that. Once something makes me sick so many times I end up not liking it anymore. I am not really picky because of it. Ha.

Tonya: Hi Tonya, welcome to the blog. :)

Erin's Question: Do you have overly sensitive skin?
Yes. I have KP too. I have had it since I was little on my legs and arms. Now that I am older it went away on my arms, but it super bad on my legs. It is really embarrassing and I can never wear shorts or anything. I can use some facial scrubs, but I have noticed that certain brands make me break out in hives.

Rhianne's Question: How do you cope when you are angry or stressed?
I pray, blog, and listen to music. :) By the way, your KP on your arms reminds me of my legs. I have never seen another person with it until now!

Logan: Thanks for the raw nutrition advice. :) I cannot eat that much at all.

I hope y'all all get to feeling better.
God bless!

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