Monday, October 17, 2011

Balance on a tightrope

That's what pots is like...a balancing act. Unfortunately I have no balance and I overdo it on a regular basis. This week I did way too much (geography excursions) and even though it was worth it, I felt crap on Friday and Saturday.

But guess what? I am getting a new bedroom! I am moving into the garage but I have to do it up and paint it and stuff so I won't move in for a while (probably around New Year's) but I will keep you guys posted on how it is going.

If you could be good at or participate in any sport despite your dysautonomia, what would it be?
I wish I could run, like long distance running. At the moment I can run for 5mins but I would love to able to go for a run.

Do you get excessive amounts of phlegm? No, I do have dysphagia but I am a choke-then puke sort of person.

Do you have fibro or lyme? I do not. I was tested for Lyme disease and it came back negative. And I don't have pain or anything so I doubt I have fibro.

Do any of you all have any skin conditions or even overly sensitive skin? 
Keratosis Pilaris for the world!

Yep, I have been plagued with this ugly skin condition forever and I had eczema as a baby.

My question: How do you cope with you are angry or stressed?

I go on the trampoline. It's my way of dealing with things. Especially at night it is super fun. 

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