Thursday, October 20, 2011

No Post All Month?

I really need to sort out my life!! I've felt pretty blah and have been having a really bad time with my entire body/joints because of the rain we've been having here. On Monday I had the National Honor Society Induction Ceremony, but luckily I didn't pass out :) although I did go blind some. Tomorrow I have to sing for a school program and go to a party later that night. Buut, I am really excited because my dad is taking me to Philadelphia on Saturday to go to the Mutter Museum!! I'll have to walk the whole time but it's so worth it. So, as you can tell, I'm very busy and that's not including school work.

I'll move onto the questions since there's so many of them. :)

If you could spend a day with someone throughout history who would it be? Oh, man! Why'd you ask such a hard question?! There are many people, such as Hatshepsut, Jesus, and Elie Wiesel to name a few.

Has anyone tried D-ribose?  No.

Do any of you all have eye issues that are POTS related? My sight is getting worse, so I'll be needing new glasses soon. I don't think that is POTS related but when I have presyncope, I often go blind.

Does anyone have problems with their tailbone?  No, but I do have back pain and scoliosis. I find it extremely uncomfortable so sit/stand up straight and put pressure on my spine; I'm also pretty sure that my hips are uneven from scoliosis, but that has nothing to do with my tailbone.

Do you have an interest in any medical shows, if so any in particular? I do like medical shows, but I'm more into history shows. I like Mystery Diagnoses (I can usually diagnose them first!), A Baby Story, Trauma: Life in the ER and Bones (even though it's not really medical-more science).

If you could be good at or participate in any sport despite your Dysautonomia, what would it be? Even without dysautonomia, I still have many health problems that prevent me from playing sports, but if I could I still wouldn't like sports.

Do any of you get excessive amounts of phlegm immediately after eating? Sometimes I do, usually if I eat something dry.

Does anyone have Fibromyalgia , or Lyme, and if so, any advice in what to do to for testing or ruling other things out, etc.? I'm pretty sure I have fibromyalgia (I have all the pressure points) and my mom has it too. But I don't really have any advice.

Do any of you all have any skin conditions or even overly sensitive skin? I have dandruff on my scalp sometimes and very sensitive skin. Even taking a shower or washing my hands can make me break out in hives.

How do you cope with you are angry or stressed? I usually just want to be left alone and to sleep, then I usually get over it. 

I hope everyone is feeling ok!!

Bis zum nächstes Mal,

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