Friday, August 12, 2011


I knew I was forgetting something, I just didn't know what it was until I looked on my blogspot tab! Anywho.. The past few days have been busy (and very exhausting). Yesterday I went sailing/fishing with my dad and sister again then today I went out to dinner, although I didn't eat anything, with people from my choir. Tomorrow my dad wants to go horseback riding, so even though I'm exhausted, I'm really looking forward to that,

My sleeping patterns are slowly coming back to normal, and that's a good thing since I have to get up early every morning for a class. I am not looking forward to that, but atleast I can come home after. I only have 11 days until my first day as a junior! My hips/knees are still hurting. It was raining here a few days ago and that made it worse. I've managed to figure out a way that I can walk without putting much pressure on my knees and not moving my hips too much, it looks weird, but it helps. GI is still the same (choking, painful eating/drinking, regurgitation, etc.) even though my Upper GI results came back normal. So I go back to the gastroenterologist in two weeks, which also happens to be the first week of school. Cardiac symptoms has let up a bit, except for my usual blindness when standing and crazy blood pressure, but at least I'm not having palpitations all day long.

Okay, time for the questions...

Cheyanne's Question: How well do you tolerate meat? And do you get terrible stabbing constant pains through the abdominal area? I don't eat much meat, but I don't tolerate any food well, so I can't really be of much help. I have been getting awful stabbing pains in my abdomen recently though and I have no idea why, I'll have to ask my GI doctor when I go back if he has any ideas.

Hannah's Question: What is one positive that has come from your illness? I agree with everyone else, about meeting other people, but I also think that it really made me thankful for all the "small" things that I'd usually take for granted. And making me into a medical dictionary is also a good think. :)
(Also I have a question for you: Do you know of anything that might stop or trigger your tremors? I've been having a lot of small ones for the past few days and they're really starting to freak me out.)

Rhianne's Dare: I want you to write a positive paragraph about whoever posted before you on the blog (Cheyanne). I don't really know you, but I'd like to! You've only posted a few times, so I can't really say much about you. But one thing is, don't be nervous about high school, it's really not as bad as everyone says.

Francesca's Question: Does anyone believe in haunted dolls or paranormal stuff? No, I don't, but like Logei I believe in angels and demons.

Erin's Question: Do any of you have small fiber neuropathy and if so, what helps? No, I don't, but I wish I could help you!

My Question: Are temperature regulation problems common for everyone else?
Recently, I've been freezing, but when I put on a blanked I feel like I'm super hot and I start sweating really bad. I know I have Raynauds, so that doesn't help either.

I think that's all of the questions, so
Bis zum nächstes Mal,

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