Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Esophageal Manometry

Hey guys, I had my esophageal manometry yesterday and it really didn't go well.  I didn't get hardly any sleep, and then we got up really early in the morning to go for the test.  I got sick from the car ride and from the noise and lights in the hospital... I must have looked absolutely miserable cuz in the waiting room this dude I've never met before walks up to me and says "WHOAH, you don't look very happy." And then walks away. I'm not kidding. I was sitting there gawking like (did he really just do that?) Then I looked at my dad and we both laughed!
So when we got to the right floor where the test was being done, a nurse calls me back, and she was so nice. She turned off the lights when we told her I was light sensitive, and she brought out this nice warm blanket (it was freezing in there).  A few minutes later another nurse comes in, and explains the test to me.  Now my throat and nose are really really sore to begin with (from vomiting so much every day), and she takes this tube (a bit thicker than a straw), told me that my nasal cavity was small so it would hurt, and pushes it up my nose and tries to get it down my throat.  She couldn't get it down my throat right! It hurt so bad, my throat kept like closing up on it, and it was hard to breath.  Eventually I begged her like a sissy to take it out!
She reminded me that if I didn't do the test, the doctors might not help me.  So I asked her to try again, and she did get it down eventually (thank God), but it took her forever to get it in just the right place.  Then I had to swallow sips of water and this banana flavored gel. (It was weird.)  That part really wasn't so bad. It was painful, but not as painful as her putting it in or adjusting its position.
Finally she pulled the tube out, I had some dry heaves from all the water and gel in my stomach, and my nose bled a little, but I can't tell you how happy I was to get to go home!!
(I don't ever want to do that test again!!)

Do I have problems with blood sugar?

Well, sometimes as a result of low calories my hands shake from low blood sugar, but otherwise nope!

What is one positive thing that has come from my illness?  I gotta agree with Rhianne, meeting you guys is one of the top on the list.  In addition too that, I think it has given me the opportunity to learn things that I never would have had I not gotten sick.

Do I believe in paranormal stuff?  I believe that there are angels and demons, but ghosts, no. 

Do I have a small fiber neuropathy?  Girl I don't even know what that is. lol

Rhianne, you have an all-purpose sense of humor which I love.  You have confidence and you aren't afraid to speak your mind.  And best of all, you aren't afraid to have FUN!  But I'm in a terrible mood, and that's the most you're getting out of this grumpy bear! lol

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