Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Well it is raining here this morning and for some reason it makes my body aches worse. We think I have developed fibromyalgia because I am hurting all of the time. Hopefully it will stop raining soon. 

On a positive note my heart symptoms have been fantastic this week, other than blacking out. For some reason my pulse wants to stay around 110. One day it was even in the 90's standing up!! It is really weird for my heart rate to be in that range and I am still blacking out. Does that happen to y'all?  Since my heart has been more on the mild side, my stomach wants to get really bad again. My dysmotility is acting up in my stomach and intestines. Last time my stomach started getting really bad I was kind of having the opposite problem and everything wanted to come right back out as soon as it went in. Now I am just super nauseous from the food just sitting in my stomach I suppose. I was tested for gastroparesis at one time, but retested and it was fine. I guess it is going back the other way again. I feel like all I have eaten this week is oatmeal and smoothies lol. The other day I had a strawberry banana smoothie with protein powder and almond milk. My mom meant to put chocolate soy milk in it, but grabbed the wrong carton, but it was really good. I would suggest you try it. :) Off and on throughout the week I keep running a low grade fever and then later it drops and then comes back. I think that is a bit odd.

I am so nervous because I am going back to public school for the first time since 7th grade, but only for one period. I am going to be a freshman in high school. I am excited, but yet nervous. I'm mostly afraid that everyone is going to think I am faking sick because I have heard so many horror stories about that. Also, I am worried about getting up the stairs. My open house is on the 19th, but I already know what classes I will be taking. I will be in English 1 honors and Geometry honors. A few times a week I will go to English and then the remainder of the days I will go to geometry. They have it on a weird schedule. I will only be there an hour and a half so I should be able to make it. 

No for the questions..

Do you have problems with blood sugar?
Not that I'm aware of, no. 

What is one positive thing that has come from my illness?
It has taught me not to take everything for granted like I used to. Also I feel that it has made me more mature. And of course all the people I have met through this.

Do you believe in paranormal stuff?
Yes, I believe there are "ghosts" and things like that.
Do I have small fiber neuropathy?
I will have to look that up because I don't even know what it is.

The Dare:
Logei I love the fact that you are positive in a spiritual manner. You're right, Jesus does love us! This is kind of difficult to write because I do not know you, but we should get to know each other. :) From what I can infer from your posts I can tell you are a strong person, most people who suffer with illnesses are. You also seem very adaptable to try new things like the raw diet. I have just recently been experimenting with my diet as well.

My question: How well do you tolerate meat? And do you get terrible stabbing constant pains through the abdominal area? 
For some reason I cannot tolerate it very well. I have just recently started having those pains just randomly and they are excruciating.


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