Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pics : )

Ok, I thought I would start with pics of my pets.

These are my beloved goldfish!

And This is my cat Elliebaby, although she is more of a family pet. 

Miranda you are right about the feeding tube.   I guess i heard my doctor wrong (he has a funny accent).  It is NG not NJ.  I might end up trying an NJ soon though. I will have to go back and edit.
I have done some experimenting with my tube this week.  I can't handle the rate the doctor set for me.  I tried not diluting things, or sipping on things by mouth in addition to the tube, but that didn't help any. I threw up my tube several times also, and I had to replace it myself which was a little scary.

Questions: Do you have an underlying condition that caused your Dysautonomia?  Not to my knowledge.

How much water do you drink.  Less than a liter.  If I could I would aim for at least 3, I think that's how much I'm supposed to drink because of my POTS.

No questions from me.  Have a good week guys. Jesus loves you!!!

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