Friday, August 12, 2011

I know I posted the other day but...

Hannah asked me to sub at the last minute because she is too sick too tonight. So I hope she feels better. :)

Um..I really don't know what to say because I said everything on my post on Wednesday. I just got back from Sonny's. I didn't really want to go because I don't eat meat and that is really all they have there. I just got 3 sides (fries, green beans, and BBQ beans). I barely ate it because I keep taking a few bites and getting full so quickly. Then I went to Publix afterward and was so dizzy that I ran into stuff LOL. I walk like a drunk person at times. My stomach has been a bit better since Wednesday and my pulse isn't as good as it was last week. It is back to my normal POTSy self, which is between 115-150.

I guess I will only answer Miranda's question because I answered all of the others last time.
Miranda's Question: Are temperature regulations common for everyone else?
Absolutely. Just recently I have been spiking low grade fevers and my mom will get all concerned. Then she will check it again 30 minutes later to see if it went up and it will be gone. I am constantly cold. it is 100 degrees in Florida where I live and usually I am dressed in jeans and a hoodie. Other times I get hot flashes, but those aren't as prevalent.

I guess I'll ask another question.

My Question: Do you have trouble watching movies in the theater? My noise/light sensitivity is so bad that I really struggle watching movies. I can watch 30 minute TV shows without it effecting me, but just not movies.

I hope you all feel better! God bless. xx
-Cheyanne :)

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