Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Here's Hoping!

Hey guys. So I had my Ph probe test. As gross as this is, we saved all the vomit from my test. All five liters of it. My doctors don't seem to understand how much I'm throwing up everyday, none of them really take my GI problems seriously at all, so we decided to literally show my doctor how much I throw up. We took it in with us to the doctor as soon as the test was over, and we showed him how much I had thrown up during the test. He was surprised (in more ways than one lol ), and agreed my vomiting had to stop.It felt awesome to finally get it through a doctor's head what I go through everyday, although I admit, bringing in my own vomit was really weird! He wanted to give me a G-tube, but we decided on an NG because I don't think I'm ready to have a tube sticking out of my gut lol. He also said we could try and NJ which would go into my small intestine if the NG tube doesn't help enough. I can't wait, I really hope it helps!

Melissa WELCOME.  I have had my ears checked, I have also seen a chiropractor.  But thanks so much for the thought.  to answer your question, Ummmm listening to worship music (quietly), and playing my harp  are the biggest ways I escape. I sometimes do pilates too and that helps get my mind off everything too.....

My question.. do you have a pet?  If so, i would love to see pics!! I will post a couple of mine next week.

- Logan

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