Monday, August 8, 2011

Long post

Hey people, it's Rhianne here. You're lovely Australian blogger. :) Hehe anyway, I think I have been absent for like two weeks now so this is going to be a long post, so if I bore you guys to death, don't worry, I know CPR. ;)

As I think all our lovely readers know I have been in  hospital. It has been my 4th admission this year (and hopefully my last).

It went well. My day consisted of school in the morning, then lunch, physio, group where they do arty stuff (I pimped my walking stick actually) and then the rest of the day was mine.

So that's what happened.

Anyway the first Tuesday of my admission, I had my admission meeting where we talk about what we want to accomplish out of the admission and blah, blah, blah.

This meeting brought up the idea that convursions is the reason behind some of my symptoms.

For those who don't know what convursions is:

Convursions: turning mental harm into physical symptoms

And I absoulutely hate that word. Why? Because when I first got sick I went to a certain children's hospital. I saw the neurology fellow for hours but he didn't know what was wrong so he brought in his boss.

Who is probably one of the best paedrictiac neurologists in Australia!

And she saw me for 5 freaking minutes and gave me the convursion diagnosion. This landed me in fortnightly psych appointments for like three months where I got asked whether my Dad was raping me.

hence, I hate the word.

So when doctors I like brought up the c-word I may have overreacted. They left me to think about it for the first week though but I came to accept the diagnosis. Stress causes extra symptoms and I think its one of the primary causes of my jerking.

Anyway, I also have the geneticist appointment which went good, they decided I definately wasn't hypermobile or had any forms of hypermobility (I failed at the tests). They decided my deformed chromosome was probably of nil clinical signifance but they tested my parents to see if they have it to.

I also had neuropsych testing which was evil. It went for four freakin hours. It was memory, pattern solving stuff and it was annoying. Some parts were way hard and some were so easy they were dumb.

My neurologist (who I love) said that I seem to be improving and he wants to get following up with me.

Sports medicine (which I also love) redid strength testing on me. I have improved a bit, especially in the left leg and they told me what they wanted me to do in terms of exercise and stuff.

I am probably forgetting something but oh well.

I got discharged Thursday and I drove home on Friday and guess what? Friday was my brother's birthday.


Speaking of birthdays it was Tana's birthday in my absence so happy birthday Tana. I hope you enjoy being fifteen and you had a great day and you are feeling okay. <3

I went back to school today and it was hard but not as hard as I thought it would be. I didn't have a pots attack but I am so ridiciously fatigued. I feel like a zombie.

Now should I stop ramblin' and move on to the questions? I think so.

Michelle- Thanks so much for subbing for me, you did a great job (by the way those shoes were so cute).

Logei: Haha, I would like a bracelet but I am not comfortable about giving out my address so I will pass. I hope you are feeling okay missy, I need to send you an email. Is raw going well for you still? And I watched the video you made about the trip, and I feel for you. I know they say pots is an "invisible illness" but you looked terrible (not in a mean way or anything, I am digging myself into a hole arent I?) I am just hoping that things work out for you soon because you are such an amazing person. Love you Logei!

Cheyanne: I read on Facebook that you weren't feeling well. :'(

Miranda: Glad your upper GI went okay, except for the choking that sucks. And your swelling from your wisdom teeth extraction has gone down (no more chipmunk). Hope you feel better soon.

Question: do you have issues with blood sugar?
I don't take mine regularly but they take it at the doctor's and I never have an issue with it.

Question: What is one positive that has come from your illness?
Meeting you guys? I think the biggest positive is the strength I have gained from this and I believe I am a better person because of this.

Question: does anyone believe in haunted dolls or paranormal stuff?
Haunted dolls? I am not really sure. But I have a haunted house story which I think might fit in here.
Okay my best friend lives on a massive farm and there are heaps of abandoned houses. We went into one and it was a U shaped house right. In both the rooms on either side of the U there were birds that were just circling the rooms. We tried for ever to get the birds to stop flying in circles (we through bricks at them and everything). In the middle of the U shaped there was a tie hanging from the roof and my friend was like, "oh i a committing suicide" (joking of course). These birds stopped flying in circles and both went straight at us and swooped for us.

Then when we went back a year later, we got chased out by evil birds again.

You tell me.

Do you have a small fiber neuropathy? (I think that was it)

I have nooo idea what that means. Can you explain it in your blog?

I want you to write a positive paragraph about whoever posted before you on the blog. :) I'l do whoever posted before me when I post next Monday.

And I just did the longest post ever so bye guys.


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