Monday, August 22, 2011


Ohhh heyyy guyyss;) I can't beileve i rememberd to post ! Haha anyways my names Mel or Melissa whatever you guys wanna call me, 18 and from jerseyy. I'm going to be filling in for Rhianne for the next couple weeks. Rhianne, you will deffiantly be missed and everyone will be dying for you to come back by the time i'm done ;p My posts are going to be all over the place, thanks to the brainfog we deal with, i have a very hard time finishing what i'm tying to say and sometimes it may not make sense but i'll try as much as possible. 
I've been sick for 7 years now and homebound for 4. Thankfully I do well with car rides, so i go on little adventures with my boyfriend, Chris every now and then. I am very fortunate to have the boyfriend i have, He takes care of me even when i don't want him too and deals with my crazy mood swings. I have crazy anxiety,as most of us do and it can be very difficult to deal with me when i'm like that.

The past month i have been going to see a auyrveda doctor and trying to do that aproach. It's all herbs and rebalancing of the body, trying to get down the cause of everything by kenisiology? (i can't spell).It comes with a crazy diet and all these remedies. It's alot of work but i really hope it's worth it because I can't live like this anymore and i really want to go out to help people struggling as well.

oh and Logei i have a question for you lol first off i wanna say i'm so sorry you throw up so much and about that jerk doctor ! but have you had your ears checked out for imbalances? I was reading your posts and it made me remember my chropractor nerologist i use to go to that fixed my gag refelxes because one side was completely not working and i used to throw up everymorning freshman year untill he fixed that. Also he had this girl that used to projectile vomit (sorry for the image) everyday and it was because of imbalances in her ears. We have these little rocks in our ears and when some go into the canal we become off balance and experince crazy symptoms.

I don't know if i'm allowed to answer questions but hey why not lol

Cheyanne: Do you have trouble watching movies in the theater?
I havn't been to the movies since i was fouteen fifteen and don't remember how it was. I liked any dark places because then if i faint no one can see me lol (huge fear of fainting infont of people.) Now i would most deffinatly not be able to handle it.sensory overload lol

Erin: What is your favorite television show?
For someone like me who hates watching t.v, i like alot of shows ! Secret life of the american teenager, Pretty little liars, Jersylcious, Jersey shore, Parenthood, The Office, Degrassi, and Teen mom

Michelle:Do y'all plan on going to college? And if so what are your plans to major in?
I want to go to college soo bad ! Also i want to finish cosmotology school because i had to drop out my junior year of high school when i got too sick.I want to go far away like arizona or tennessee. I know i want to major in physcology but what to do with it i'm not sure as of yet. All i know is i want to help people like become a social worker for youth detention centers lol

My question:
What do you guys do to "escape" from your sickness?
for me its the car rides

I hope all of you guys are having a good day !

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