Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ouch, my leg!

Hello again. :)

This week has been a bit crazy because we have been busy getting last minute things for school. My orientation is Friday and I am beyond nervous, but after that day I should be calmed down a little. I have the tendency to worry and fret about every little thing.

We think we finally found what really caused my POTS! Everything makes sense now. I believe it is a connective tissue disorder of some sort. My mom found the tests you take that the doctor would give you and I got 7/9 points. I am pretty sure that is a good inclination that this is what it is. I have all of the signs, except I don't have things dislocate all of the time. My only problem is the pain. I get pain in all of my joints and even my ribs are really sensitive. I am thinking my past years of playing soccer and softball before I got sick made it worse. The position I played in softball was catcher and I was constantly up and down on my knees. Now my right knee is my worst problem. That leg gives out on me frequently and always hurts, but just mainly in the joint. I still think that the Gardasil shot and my surgery made my POTS worse. After each thing it gradually gets worse.

I am not going to ask a question this week only because I asked two last week when I subbed for Hannah. And as for Logei's suggestion about the questions my vote is to keep them coming from everyone. They are very insightful. I would like to get to know all of you better. If you have a Facebook you can add me here or email me at:

Now for the questions and stuff:

Erin's Question: What's your favorite tv show?
I am definitely not a big tv person, but I do have a few shows I watch every week without a fail. My favorites are Switched At Birth, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Teen Mom, and Pretty Little Liars.

Michelle's Question: Do y'all plan on going to college and if so what do you want to major in?
I am definitely going to college. My whole life I have wanted to become a pediatric oncologist. Right now I am not very fond of doctors though so I'm not sure anymore. My backup plan would be to go into journalism. I really do not know what the future has in store for me. Even if I cannot go to a university when the time comes, I will go to the community college for a couple years and see where that goes. :)

Response to Logei's post:
I have had the PH probe done. I had it because of severe reflux/heartburn and it proved just that. None of the meds worked so I had to get a Nissan Fundoplication. Now the reflux is gone and I cannot throw up. My heartburn is indestructible though because it still hasn't stopped that completely.


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