Friday, August 26, 2011

Early saturday Post

Hey gals, Its Francessca I know I'm a Saturday poster but here in Baltimore were expecting a hurricane
Saturday into Sunday , Allot has happened lately my EDS is acting up allot
and I dislocated my shoulder the other day  woke up and every thing was out of socket
hips, knees, and shoulder for any EDS patients that have allot of dislocations i recommend a tens unit
I used my moms and it works  along with some flexeril and tramadol
Ive been getting ready to go back to school we start the 29th ,I'm really ecstatic this is going to be my first time going in two years I was previously home bound on a program called tele class
you call in to the teachers its all done over the phone and theres several students on the other line which is pretty cool . This year I'm doing a program called advanced path Its  only Four hours using computers
with like 30 other kids.Sounds good to me :) Plus you save money on school supplies
I ended up not getting my tonsils out yet  because my back keeps locking up
sometimes  when I'm holding a glass my hand will just spaz out and throw it pretty embarrassing in a restaurant
does anyone else get like that ? I really feel like my brain malfunctions like  I was watching a movie and I laughed during the sad part some thing i never do .Very strange very strange
To anyone that uses a wheelchair If you go to the movies and they don't have automatic doors call and complain  My mom did and we ended up getting free tickets :)
                                                Time for questions

Melissa : How do you guys exscape your illness?

  I read  almost all the time I have a book in my hand ,Usually its by Lurlene McDaniel
or Ann Martin .Books are wonderful things its how I go on my "adventures "
I also write story's or I cosplay.

Cheyanne: Do you have and underlying condition that caused your illness?

Well pots is hereditary so i most likely got it from my mom .
It was brought on by puberty,But it got worse when I broke my ankle
The surgery made it flare up .

Logei: Do you have a pet ?

Yes I Have a Cat named Millie. She loves to be pet. let me rephrase that she thinks everyone needs to pet her lol.I think she thinks she thinks shes a dog
I never seen such a lovable cat .she also loves laying in a pile of stuffed animals
I have often mistaken her for one .See if you can find her below

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