Saturday, August 6, 2011

Smiling Saturday :)

Happy ,Happy Smiling Saturday
can you believe it I actually posted on time.Perfectly Punctually
anyway on to the good stuff ,hmm allot happened this week so I'm going to cram it in this one post and if you wanna hear the juicy details just go to my personal blog
and hit the big button that says subscribe :) So its been a rough week potsie wise but its defiantly been interesting like Getting all dressed up for senior pictures and stressing about how they will turn out  which i hope they will be good.My back locked up like 3 nope 4 times last week three trips to the ER
oh joy that's soo not my definition oh fun even thought i do enjoy being waited on like a princess lol (kidding ) I never seem to remember birthdays unless facebook tells me that's pretty darn sad
but I did remember my moms which is august 11th.We have this friend and all she cares about is present she like 32 and cried because she didn't get gifts on her birthday. I was allways told that presents don't matter its the thought that counts  comment if you agree and like second of all once you have kids and are an adult birthdays aren't usually a big deal like she had the nerve to ask how much we spent on her !! like who asks that ?? its very rude and then she buys my mom a shampooer for her carpet and says that's your birthday and Christmas present  like we never asked her to buy that i never knew anyone who expected presents besides little kids.Oh and speaking of birthdays Happy 100th Lucille ball (i love Lucy ) RIP maybe they will run a marathon of i love Lucy
yesterday i thought i was going to be on "what would you do " there was a dude he kept cussing and saying the f-bomb in a kid aisle at the thrift shop like seriously ? theres kids there then he kept following me and my mom. that creeper ! turns out he had teriets that's why he kept saying the fbomb but like you shouldn't go in the kid aisle I'm just glad little Sophie my almost sister wasn't there
her current word is f*****ker she picked it up somewhere were trying to get her not to say it but could you imagine if she was there she be saying it right back. I'm starting to ramble lets get to the questions

Michelle asked whats the hardest part of having a chronic illness ?
my anwser would be more like whats the hardest part of having a invisible illness ? people tend not to believe you or there like but you don't look sick ?

Has anyone had p/t (physical therapy) an liked it ?
yup i see Dr lemoine 3 times a week and love it i feel like it helped allot considering how
de conditioned i was before i started i couldn't even roll over with out getting winded from being bed ridden

Miranda asked  Problems with blood sugar ?
Ummm not that i know of like some times i feel like i have to eat right away but I'm not diabetic or anything I'm insulin resistant though

Cheyanne asked  Trouble with brain fog how long does it last ?
yea i sometimes get it don't we all even non potsies ?

Hannah asked  Positive that has come from illness ?
I really like this question i feel like most people dwell on the cons not the pros
I feel like having illness has made me a better person I'm not like a super devoted christian or anything
but i appreciate life more and i try to think of the stuff i can do instead of can't
it really makes you wake up and you realise there is always someone worse than you
and to be thankful for what god gave you  and that theres a reason why we are sick its part of gods crazy plan that we probably will never understand  but its for our benefit like maybe we all were supposed to have pots maybe one of us discovers a cure or something ? btw Hannah i still cant figure out how to make the name thing lol I'm Internet uncoordinated

finally my question is not pots related
Does anyone believe in haunted dolls or paranormal stuff ?
after stuff ive witnessed i sure believe lol

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