Sunday, September 25, 2011

Utter Exhaustion

Over the past two weeks, I feel like I am getting more and MORE exhausted as the days go by.
I understand that I am putting a lot of stress on my body with student teaching and all, but it has become quite unbearable. There are times at school when I think I could just fall over because I just cannot keep my eyes open. Usually mornings are worse for that and with the light-headed feeling, too.

I cannot stay awake for the life of me past 9:00pm. 
I am writing this in bed right now actually - I will probably pass out any time here
(please excuse me, if there are a lot of errors!)

I do have b12 deficiency and I am thinking that the pills I am taking are not being absorbed. It was a debate between my neurologist and internist between pills v. injections. They agreed to just try the supplements first, and then if that doesn't work, proceed to injections. My update is in November, so I want to request that my b12 is checked again to see if my levels are increasing or not.

Do any of you have a b12 deficiency? 
They said that if my b12 keeps dropping, my iron will start to go down, as well as other counts... I am wondering if this is the case since I am just feeling totally depleted.

As you all know, the feeling of "exhaustion" is not just "oh, I'm really tired"... it is full body and mind exhaustion. It is I cannot move or get up exhaustion. Lifting an arm is so draining and the thought of even getting up can seem awful!

Mailing Exchange
Anyways, I have received THREE people's postal addresses and I hope to receive more! I will plan on sending out the information at the end of this week :) PLEASE email me at ambivalentbliss(at)gmail(dot)com if you would love to be part of our mailing exchanges and receive/send fun mail! <3


Tips for surviving summer?
I try to avoid going outside at all costs.
I really have no tips and HATE the summer (don't we all!) 

My question
Do you suffer from b12 or do you have any tips to help fight excessive (annoying) exhaustion?

I hope everyone is well :)

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  1. I just got my B12 tested, too. It was supposed to be between 211-946 pg/mL (whatever that means) but it's less than 31 ( REALLY low). The test was done by my MVP specialist who lives an hour or two away and we're waiting on a call back from my local family doctor to start injections.
    I used to take injections, but it's never been THIS low before. I went a few months without injections and my body seemed to be getting enough B12 on its own for almost a year. I guess that's over. But when I was being treated ORIGINALLY, I tried everything - changing my diet, taking the gummies, doing the oral strips, taking pills, and doing injections. And honestly? Injections are just easier, I hate to say. So much less to deal with.
    I'm glad that (hopefully) the reason I've been feeling so much worse is from this and not from the POTs getting worse. We'll see.

    I hope you can find a route of B12 that your body will absorb! I hope I do, too. :D