Friday, September 23, 2011

Finally Got My Results!

Hey guys! It's been like two weeks since I've posted, but here I am, although a little late. I finally got the results from my stress test and they just said that I'm having an excessive amount of PVC's, so my doctor wants to put me on a beta blocker. He's supposed to call back later today and when he does I'm pretty much going to beg for some fluids! I went to my GI doctor a few days ago and since I'm not throwing up he's not going to do any more testing (grrrr!) but he gave me prescriptions for Periactin and Zofran (both for nausea). I just think that he really doesn't understand where I'm coming from, I can deal with nausea, but I want to know why my dysphagia is so bad! I don't have much more to update, so I'll move onto the questions. There are quite a lot of them, so I just have them all in a list.

How are you going to celebrate awareness week? I wore blue all week, but didn't do anything else.

What is your favorite recipe, if you can post it? It would have to be either my mom's Ziti and Broccoli or her lasagna. I can get the recipes and post them on my blog later.

Is there a time in the day when you feel more nauseous or sick than others? Not really, I just feel really bad all the time.

Do you have an underlying condition that caused your Dysautonomia? Not that I know of, my doctors don’t really care about finding an underlying condition (and it’s so annoying!).

What is your favorite food to eat when you are sick, but know that you have to eat something? I usually just wouldn't eat, but if I’m being forced it’s usually chicken noodle soup or something like it.

How much water a day do you try to drink or what is your goal? My goal is 2 liters, but I can barely get in 8 oz.

Do you suffer from/have suffered from mental illnesses? Yes, I have OCD, Anxiety and depression. I was diagnosed 5 years ago by my psychiatrist and have been on meds for it since then.

Have any of you ever had to take iron supplements? If so, what kind and did it give you stomach issues? No, but I can’t even take salt pills without them messing up my stomach more.

What are your top 3 symptoms that impact on your life? I’d have to say GI (in general), orthostatic intolerance and chronic fatigue. But I have so many more!

Tips for surviving summer? Stay inside!

Do any of you get severe muscle weakness in your forearms? Yes, I get severe weakness in a lot of places, and it’s very sudden.

Have a good week everyone!
Bis zum nächstes Mal,

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