Sunday, September 18, 2011

There's a Code for That

Health Codes are a changing :/

I'm sure most of you don't read my personal blog over at My life as erinj0, but I just recently blogged about something that I think you might all be interested in - as it applies to everyone receiving health care services (in the United States that is).

As of right now, there are approximately 18,000 health codes that medical professionals use to categorize "what is wrong with you" or "what you are having done/your diagnosis" to the insurance companies.

In return, the insurance company will then look at that particular "code" which represents your "problem" and they are the ones who ultimately decide whether or not they will cover your costs.

Fair? not so much.
Insurance companies are not medical professionals. They do not understand the details and ramifications that some health issues can have on a persons body. You are just a number to them. Not a person.

Do you currently think it is hard to get health coverage?
It's going to get even more difficult.

In October of 2013, the codes will increase from 
18,000 to over 140,000.

For more information, you can read my personal blog post here.


If you would like to participate in the exchange of addresses and send "fun mail" to each other, please send me your mailing address to ambivalentbliss(at)gmail(dot)com . I have done this with a couple other POTSies and it is such a fun thing to do! Who doesn't LOVE to get mail?!


Do you suffer from a mental illness? I do not suffer from a mental illness. Excuse this rant that is about to happen (I think a lot of doctors can be easy to throw out a diagnosis of depression to certain POTS patients for the sole fact that we are young, female, and nothing can honestly be THAT wrong with us. Our blood work is usually fairly normal and he cannot physically see anything wrong. I'm sorry, I have personally experienced this while trying to find a diagnosis and it was years and years of frustration. I have built up hatred for certain doctors...) 
While I do acknowledge that a chronic health problem may lead to days of gloom and doom, it does not mean that every has a mental issue. 
I do believe that some people may truly have a mental instability and can benefit from doctors advice. I am just speaking through my personal experience! I do not mean to offend anyone!

Have you ever had to take Iron supplements? YES! They are awful. I had to take multiple prescription iron supplements a day for a long time in college. They make you SO incredibly sick. I felt like I was at my worst when I was on those pills (I'm sorry to be a debbie downer!) I cringe at the thought of having to take those again.

What are the top three symptoms that impact your life?
{1} Fatigue (my b12 levels keep dropping...I am already deficient) and this is by far the WORST. I cannot do things for very long and I always have to sit in the classroom. By the time I get home, I am utterly exhausted - I go to bed around 8:30pm and just lay there all night until I can fall asleep. My muscles are weak and they feel as if I can't even move them.
{2} Breathing Issues  While I don't see that many POTS patients I know have an extreme level of breathing issues like I do, this is one of my worst symptoms as well. Little things like dishes, cleaning the cat box, or any simple household things leave me breathless. Even laying in bed lately can leave me almost "panting". Note: I have always had trouble breathing and I am still puzzling doctors. I have 2 inhalers (especially because I am on a beta blocker which is awful for your lungs!)

{3} Light-Headed/Migraines These two are a tie. Obviously, when you get really light-headed, you are loosing blood supply to the brain, which in return sends extreme headaches or even migraines after awhile. I have tried almost all migraine medicines I can think of, with no prevail. I always feel light headed and get nasty headaches (and often migraines, too) every week!
My Question - Do any of you get severe muscle weakness in your forearms? This is something I have tried to understand for so long. It feels as if I just lifted weights all day long and my muscles are used up. It can be so hard for me to even lift things or use my arms at times and NOTHING makes them better... ugh

I just wanted to say HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY HANNAH :) : ) :)
You are such a sweet, caring, and wonderful lady whom I have come to admire so much! I know that I can always count on you as a friend if I need anything, and for that I am extremely grateful and blessed! I hope you have a symptom-free, happy, joyous, fun-filled birthday!! 

To all the rest of you ladies, take care!

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