Thursday, September 29, 2011

Under Pressure

I have so much to do!! And very a very little attention span to do it with. All this week I've been busy with schoolwork and appointments (this time it was for my retainers). I did get a nomination for National Honor Society, which is kind of like the best leadership/scholarship program, so I had to write up all this information and an essay. Buuut I am so excited!! My dad is getting me in to see Dr. Grubb!! We have to wait until my primary sends all my medical records to them so we can schedule an appointment. The bad thing is that he is in Ohio and that's a 6 hour drive from where I live.  Anywho, as of now I'm supposed to increase my Midodrine (that doesn't have any affect on me) and we're supposed to get these urine dipsticks to see how dehydrated  I am. I have nothing more to update so onto the questions...

Cheyanne: I really hope that your flight goes well! I'll add you to the prayer list at school.

Logan: I'm really looking forward to Skyping you! Just letting you know, my webcam isn't that great, but oh well. :P

Erin: I totally understand your fatigue! I am always so tired and even lifting my head sometimes feels like a workout! But your question was do you have a b12 deficiency? No, but I have low potassium and other wacky  levels. 

Have a good week everyone!
Bis zum nächstes Mal,

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  1. Six hours.. I travel seven to see my doctors. :D and grubb...jealous