Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Here comes the sun

Okay guys, it is September and the weather has been hot. Today it was 31 (87) degrees. It is only Spring here and I have a feeling that we are going to have a hot summer. I wish I was in America so I could see snow instead of sweating like a pig. We haven't go air-conditioning so it is going to be real hot. So I am going to spend every moment I can at the beach, or somewhere else that is cool.

So my week I will get onto that:

I had exams on Tuesday and I got sick in my Maths exam but I managed to do my civics and in the history section I came fourth in the class, and I was throwing up during it and all that nonsense. I would get nauseaus from anxiety I guess so I would eat a gingernut and choke and throw up.

I guess I just didn't learn.

The school principal was in the office next to me, I think he enjoyed listening to me.

But fourth in the class and I know I did well in Geography too because the teacher told me.

The end of last week, I can't remember what I did. Oh I went out with friends on Friday night to see the smurf movie and that was good.

Saturday wasn't that good a day but Sunday was and I went to the beach. Monday not another good day but today was alright.

I am so excited because I have balance treatment soon. Like on Thursday and then a genelogy and neuropsychology appointment on the Friday and a potsy picnic on the Saturday.

Now I think I should just move onto the questions:

Logan: I am sorry you are so sick girly! You need the new feeding tubes soon.

Cheyanne: you asked about iron pills? I have never taken them so I am not much help unfortunately.

Michelle K: Welcome to the dysautonomiacs! Aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi! Hahaha lets infect this blog with awesome australianess. I am glad you posted  but you're question is so hard to answer. Top three symptoms. They vary all the time. The ones that bug me the most would be:
  • dizziness
  • blacking out
  • myclonic jerks
Erin: First of all, I want to say the American Health care system is bonkers and come to Australia. Yes, we can have private health insurance which allows us to go to private hospital and get individual rooms I think but I am a public patient. And we don't pay for hospital! :)
And your question was do you get severe muscle weakness in your fourams?
YES! Sometimes I feel like typing on my iPod is too much to do.

So I am going to ask a question.
1. Do you have any tips for surviving summer?

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  1. I live in the US (Alabama, to be exact) and it's still hot here, too! It's almost always hot down here. We get a few months of freezing cold winter, then it heats back up.
    What's balance treatment? It's great that you're looking so forward to it! :)
    I, too, get severe weakness in my forearms. Do you think any strengthening exercises (lifting really light weights, arm circles, whatever) would help with that? Or will they just always be tired arms because that's just how POTs works?
    I love reading your blog! Sorry this comment was so long. :)