Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Turn Already?!?

wow, this week went by fast!

I will start with questions and posts.
 Erin, I do get weakness in my fore arms (and my legs too). I'll just be going along doing my thing and then all of a sudden BAM my arms and/or legs are jelly.  That's happened several times today actually, and I go through periods of time where its pretty much a daily symptom.
It made physical therapy today quite a challenge. 

I do not have a b-12 deficiency, but I do have low bone density so I take extra supplements for that. 

Cheyanne - I was anemic along time ago, and I did take supplements, but I don't remember them making me sick. : / sorry no advice about that.

Rhianne- I have no advice for summer, but i am jealous HAPPY for you living so close to an actual beach. enjoy that salt water for me! And I'm so sorry your stomach is giving you crap. I would suggest a liquid, or partially liquid diet. (One as healthy as possible). But I believe you already tried a mushy liquidy diet and it didn't help much right?

Michelle k - welcome! I love playing musical instruments too, but since I'm sound sensitive I have had to give up flute, and harp is a challenge both with my sensitivity and my bad memory. But I'm determined to play harp anyway. I also love to travel, but you can guess how well that would work out with my sensitivity issues.

Miranda- I miss you and I hope you are surviving some how! I am angry that doctors don't seem to recognize how much you are suffering, and how much you need some help. I'm here for you 24/7, and I have a webcam that works so we can skype now too if you want.

Today was pretty difficult to be honest, lots of sudden weakness (the kind Erin talked about), anxiety, stomach pain, tachycardia, headaches, dizziness, tremors/jerks, red coloring around my eye, vomiting. Not feeling good right now, hopefully tomorrow will be better! Talk to you guys next week.

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