Friday, September 9, 2011

Thank You, Cheyanne for Reminding Me to Post!

So, I've been forgetting again to post. I remember like the day after, sorry guys, haha.

Today, was bad symptom wise... I had a cardiologist appointment and got sick before with my GI, but went anyway thinking it was like my normal POTS GI issues and that I would just fight through it...And cardio appointments really aren't ones to skip! But, I ended up holding a trash can feeling like I was going to vomit and visiting the restroom a lot. My cardiologist came in and with his awesome Indian accent says "I'm sorry to see you in this condition," and then says to me after I sat there "Lay down Hannah and sip some water," so I did. It helped a little bit. I think I have a virus, but I don't really know. Even though he's my Cardiologist, it felt pleasantly bizarre to have someone acknowledge that my sitting up may be contributing to how horrible I feel.

I found out today that the medication I was prescribed when I was in the hospital with violent tremors back in April? is causing my higher side of normal prolonged QT's to be a little more prolonged. So, I have to go off that and switch to something else. I had a gut feeling my medicine was causing problems because out of nowhere I started getting my PVC's again and one day my resting pulse was 60 and the next it was 90's- 99 (and the medication is on the list of ones to avoid for individuals with long QT). My BP also has been crazy, either low, high, or good. But, God is good, I prayed that if there was an issue that it'd show up, and it did <3.

I was suppose to have a Urology appointment right after my Cardiology appointment but I was just too sick. Right now, I'm trying to figure out how to cure my lightheadedness without getting sicker on my tummy. All I've eaten today was a banana (before my stomach really started showing itself), a few fries and some chips. I'm trying to get some water in me too because I am definitely dehydrated. My cardiologist told me to try for 2-1/2 to 3 liters of fluid instead of the 2 I've been shooting for. I'm hoping the increase helps! :)

Okay, on to the questions,

Logei: That sounds so horrible about throwing up your tube and how you've had to replace it yourself, I'm sorry you are going through that. I hope however, this makes some leadway for some serious improvement with your issues <3. Also, I hope you get your IV fluids, I know you really need them! Your raw ice-cream sounds DELICIOUS!You wanted us to post our  favorite recipe and I think this is probably one of my more favorite recipes:

Skillet Chicken Stew
(ingredients are roughly chopped)

Chop one chicken breast and season with garlic powder, salt and rosemary to taste. Put two tablespoons of olive oil in a skillet over high heat, add chicken and reduce to medium heat, brown on both sides.

Add two chopped carrots, 1/2 cup of green beans, one chopped zucchini, one chopped sweet potato, one small chopped tomato and three tbsp. of rice flour.  Sautee for ten minutes or until vegetables are tender.

Add two cups chicken broth, cover and increase heat to high until it reaches a boil, then reduce heat to medium for approximately seven minutes. add three to four more tbsp. of rice flour or until thick, and enjoy! 
(Sorry to our none U.S. readers/dysautonomiacs, I don't know how to convert the measurements to what you use)

Also, I know we talked about it, but I get those autonomic overload things, too!

Francesca: I like your idea with the blue shirts and pots on our heads, I think we should post a pic on here of us like that! What do you guys think?! Your question was what are we going to do for awareness week, and I'm not entirely sure yet, hopefully I can travel up to your end and do the bake sale with you :).

Cheyanne: I am sorry to hear that you are severely anemic! I have struggled with anemia too, and I know blackstrap molasses is suppose to help, I have tried it a couple times but it tastes disgusting lol. And I know we chatted about this but wanted to post this for the sake of our readers as well, what your describing with your throat sounds like what I went through about a year? (and a good bit since) ago. They said it was a muscle spasm and I used hot tea,( probably would have been better to just use warm water with honey since tea makes my acid reflux worse, which makes my throat worse), the heating pad, and muscle rub on my throat. Not sure if muscle rub on your neck is bad or not but I was desperate. Now that I've had the PH probe done, I think my acid reflux highly contributed to it, if not caused it. Interestingly enough though, they have found calcification somewhere in my throat/neck but don't feel it's caused those issues. Your question was what is our favorite food to eat when we are sick but know we have to eat something, and mine is probably fries from mcDonalds lol. What is it with POTSies and potatoes? We seem to LOVE potatoes!

Alright ladies, I sure hope this made sense, I am like...Not feeling so well right now, and please excuse me if I missed anybody's questions. Miranda, I sure hope things look up for you and that your testing sheds some light on what you are dealing with and hopefully get some relief! Rhianne, I know you are not doing well and I really feel for you right now girl. Keep on keeping on! Mel, I hope things start getting better for you too! Your such a sweet girl! And to all the other ladies, I am not sure how  you all are doing, but I hope that means you are GOOD!


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