Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Am i getting better yet?

heyyyyy guyyyss !
I've been so out of it cause im trying to get off my fludrocortisone, so less blood flow and liquids ! I have been trying to get off of it without my doctors knowledge (yeah i know bad) but he dosen't lissten ! Fludrocortisone is seriously the devil i swear. It sucks all the potassium out of you and gives you such anxiety....oh and acne. Anyways i think this diets been helping somewhat. I'm starting to feel like how i did last summer, a little more energy instead of laying in bed like i was the past couple month. This is going to be another short post from being so out of it.
hope everyones doing better !
p.s everyone say a prayer for Rhianne, she's not doing so good and in the hospital again.

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