Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Homecoming attempt!

I have been doing a little better this week other than mild GI issues and fibro! I'm really looking forward to the fall and winter months because my fibro likes to flare up when it rains and during this season it rains everyday in Florida.

My small group leader from church told me I would regret it if I did not go to homecoming. So, I am going. I don't plan on staying the whole time because I am very limited on energy. Lets pray for a good heart day that day! On Saturday I am going dress shopping with my cousin Kayla. It is hard to make plans with me and last time we went to the mall it almost turned into an ER run because I was having such severe stomach pain.

For the one period I am at school I see everyone wearing their sports jerseys and talking about their next swim meet, volleyball game, softball game, etc. That has been really hard on me. I want to be active again, so much. I'm trying to find a different hobby to occupy my time other than sitting on the computer. On Sunday after church  I am taking a sewing class. :) I'm not the most crafty person, but if I practice I think I'll do okay. I'm going to be starting off with making PJ pants. I got the cutest fabric with kitties on it!

Michelle's Question:  What are your top 3 symptoms that impact your life?
Mine changes so often! I guess this week it would be fibro pain everywhere, stomach pain, and blacking out. If you asked me next week it would be completely different! Ha.

Erin's Question: Do any of you get severe muscle weakness in your forearms?
I rarely get weakness and if I do I would not classify it as severe.

Rhianne's Question: Tips for surviving summer?
I basically just stayed inside in the air conditioning because when I sat outside for a few minutes my heart would go all crazy! Could you maybe get a little window unit just for your room or something? That is the only thing I can really suggest. Good luck with surviving the hot months!

I am in a bit of a hurry so I do not have a question this week! I pray everyone is doing a bit better. :)

God bless!

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  1. DEFINITELY go to homecoming!!!! I didn't go to my junior or senior proms. I was working the day of junior prom and they wouldn't give me off time. And by the time senior prom rolled around, i had just started to get my invisible illness so I had to miss out on it (because i was unconscious. lol). So go! As much as you can handle it. I hope you have tons of fun!!!! :D