Saturday, September 3, 2011

Super Saturday

I Nearly forgot to post.Okay anyways Dysautonomia week is like two weeks away but I'm super determined to do something for it like organizing a bake sale to raise money
so i go to walmart and ask them if we can have a bake sale there. there like talk to manager
so we do then there like it has to be in writing typed. so we give it to them then we call up later and there like  usually you have to call months in advance but maybe we will luck out
they said to call back on Tuesday and they will give us an answer. Ugh don't they see that this is actually a worthy cause ? its not like were gonna sell stuff for profit 
its going to research for dysautonomia. well if we get a yes it will be held in Maryland on  September 17th hopefully at carol island walmart .Even if we can't have it there we will find somewhere else
plus i already bought cake mix so im not backing down ! I intend to be stubborn about this its time we bring some awareness to pots and dysautonomia I also thought of an Idea we could all wear blue shirts and post it as are profile pic during awareness week maybe even put pots on are heads something cool
people don't understand because we don't let them we don't explain  because usually people don't have time to listen but this time is gonna be ours dysautonomia has a voice and were it
omg that sounded super deep lol  okay on to questions

Hannah's Question: How much water a day do you try to drink? Or, if you really cannot drink a whole lot, what would be or is your goal?

I probably should drink more but i usually only drink a half a Gatorade.
which is pretty bad  because your supposed to like drink a liter or something like that

 Tana's  :What is your favorite food to eat when you are feeling sick, but know you have to eat something?
First i have to say welcome back Tana I was wondering where you went.
I would have to say I like  the little off brand goldfish crackers I think there called whales lol
apparently I'm the first September post so happy September :)
 I guess my question is how are you gonna celebrate awareness week ?
as i mentioned earlier I'm planning on bake sale

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