Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Yes, Healthy Ice Cream Exists!

Hey all, my stomach and I are really not getting along.  The tube definitely helps my vomiting, but I can't handle a high enough rate to get in enough feeds. Its like my intestines can't handle all the fluid and I get sick and bloated.
Oh and my primary doctor is still refusing to give me IV fluids even though she now has recommendations from two different doctors.  I'm so frustrated, because she could get me fluids with a phone call, that's all it takes, and I would feel so much better! I'm so dehydrated right now!

So this random, but I was experimenting with healthy recipes and I made the RICHEST raw chocolate ice cream today. I thought I would share the recipe!

 2 cups of chopped raw walnuts,
2 large frozen overripe bananas (sliced),
 1/4 cup raw chocolate powder,
1/4 cup raw honey/agave
 Directions, grind up walnuts in a food processor until fine, then add frozen bananas, chocolate powder, and honey. Process until smooth, then put in a container in the freezer until it reaches the thickness you like.
 It will come out fine with normal ingredients too, raw chocolate powder and such can be hard to find!

Questions.. "what is your favorite food to eat when you don't feel good."  I love food to much to pick a favorite. Um, since I can't eat anyway..... I have no idea.

My question, what is your favorite recipe? If you can, post it!

Rhianne, I hope you are ok, and I forgot to thank you last week for posting pics of your pets for me on your personal blog!

Miranda.... you are in my prayers.

Everyone else, have a good week! 
- Logan

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