Monday, September 12, 2011

Rhianne is posting :P

Hey dysautonomiacs,
So I thought I would kick Mel of the blog today (sorry Mel :p) and I thought I would talk about what's up with me.

Basically I have been in hospital for dysphagia and over the last few days I have had one too many conversations about the idea of accepting a mental health diagnosis for the root of these problems.

I don't know why but it sort of seems tabooed in this community to talk about having mental illness problems from having pots and the various types of autonomic dysfunction.

We all though, accept that our illnesses affect the way we think and process information (brainfog anyone) but we are yet to realise and accept that it may also a) be the root of some of our problems and b) be caused by having autonomic dysfunction.

The autonomic nervous system does control the systematic nervous system and that controls emotions and the way we deal with them. Our bodies are always in the flight or fight response.

The way that my body deals with this is through the conversions. My first conversions symptom was myclonic jerks, then when I managed to stop them my body turned the symptoms in to dysphagia.

Anyway, that is the story. Last week I was in the hospital having lots of tests which thank god, came back normal.

This leads me on to my question: do any of you suffer from/have suffered from mental illnesses as part of being chronically ill?

I know it is a tough question and feel free not to answer it.

I am going to answer the questions before I have a lay down. Today has been rough, two exams today and the second one I quit half way through due to pots. Plus I fainted in front of all my friends, gee embarassing much?
Logei asked: favourite food recipe?
Are you asking me to pick just one! Hahahaha. We don't actually cook with recipes in my house but my favourite food would probably be rissotto.
Erin: Is there are time of the day where you feel more sick then others?
Probably the mornings, I swear when I wake up I always feel like pure crap.

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