Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I can not remember anything today.

As soon as I got up I forgot what I was supposed to be doing today. It is one of those days.

On October 6th I am flying out to see the autonomic specialist in Ohio. I don't really know what they are going to do. I have to make a list of all my new symptoms. I'm kind of nervous about going on the plane. I don't really enjoy plane rides because I usually stay extra nauseous the whole time. I love going to airports though and seeing all of the little shops and people. Pray the trip goes well please!

I have this cold that doesn't want to leave. My nose is mostly cleared up now, but my throat still hurts. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I have this fear of getting viruses and stuff on top of everything else and it makes me very paranoid and sets my OCD off. I was expecting it to be much worse when I got sick, but maybe it didn't hit me very hard which is a good thing.

I cannot really focus much and cannot think of a question to ask. Sorry. :)

Erin's Question: Do you suffer from b12 or do you have any tips to help fight excessive (annoying) exhaustion?
I don't suffer from b12 (that I know of anyway). I have been extremely tired lately, probably because I am severely anemic, but I just try my best to push through it.

God bless!
-Cheyanne c: 

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