Sunday, July 31, 2011

Meet your Sunday...

My names Erin.
I am a soon to be twenty something year old from the Midwest.
I am going on six years of college, but will be graduating in May 2012, finally.
..and as you figured,
I have POTS & EDS  

I just thought I would make this post be a get to know me post, since that is what the others did at the very beginning. So here it goes

I love meeting new people. 
I think communication is key to getting through lifes struggles, especially for those who have a chronic illness. Having someone to relate to and completely understand your symptoms and struggles can be so healing.

I hate the heat. 
Not just because of POTS (which we all know makes it extra worse) but I really can't stand it.
My favorite season is fall. I love the cool, crisp weather and watching the leaves changing, & listening as they "crunch" when you step upon them.
Did I mention the apple cider?!

I am an only child & learned to be independent at a really young age.
My mom is my support system and I really don't think I would have had the strength without her constant guidance and support. I also have a wonderful boyfriend (my high school sweetheart to be exact) that I have been dating for almost seven years now. He has been with me through it all and has never left my side. I am a lucky girl to have found such a great guy :)

I have always struggled with my health.
Ever since the age of seven. Ever since high school, I have never made it through a complete year without being in the hospital or having surgeries/procedures. The stigma of "the sick girl" has always been my label.

I have a strong obsession with owls :) 
I won't say why, but my future kids room will be owl themed, that's for sure!

I have a persona blog, that you can check out here if you would like to know more!

I also have just created a blog that is solely informational about the main facts of EDS/POTS and their correlation.  
I originally made it for my family, to help them understand this confusing health condition, but thought I would share it with everyone as well!


If you ever need anyone to talk to, advice, or anything, please let me know!
While I am a tad older than the other girls, I can provide insight on what it is like to go through college with a chronic illness!


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